Posted on: September 20, 2011 9:41 pm

Dear Andrew Luck,

Dear Andrew Luck,

I am from an area around Kansas City, I just wanted to let you know I think you will like it here when you move here next year.  Unforuntaly you will probably have to start as a rookie because in case you have not noticed Matt Cassel is horrible.  Don't worry though he will be around for about the next 10 years because Scott Pioli gave him a great/horrible deal.  Great for him/terrible for us, however if you play well for the Chiefs for a couple of years his deal will make a great negotiating point for you.  Welcome to Kansas City!

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 12:19 am

NBA Lockout

You would think that the NBA would take a look at the NFL, and see that they are going to have to do the same thing.  Compromise, which is the only way that this will get settled.  The NFL was headed in the exact same direction, until they both started compromising.  The problem is that while the disputes seem similar, they are also very different.  The players union is arranged differently, the NBA did not have to immediately decertify, whereas the NFLPA had to, or risk not being able to decertify.  This allows them to way their options a lot longer, before deciding whether to pursue ant-trust litigation or not.  It’s good for the players, but bad for the fans.  If they wait until after the season should have started to even start the legal battle, we could be looking at a long, draw out, contentious battle, which makes the NFL lockout look amicable.

The prospect of playing overseas also further complicates the situation.  Although I view it in the owners favor, much more so than the players.  If I were the owner’s I would encourage them to go overseas and pay.  It’s really only the superstars that have this opportunity; they don’t so much exist for the journeymen of the NBA.  The overseas leagues don’t pay as well either, not nearly as well.  They don’t offer the same lavish lifestyles, that the LBJ’s of the NBA have become accustomed.  No entourages, no 5-star hotel suites, no adoring fans.  It would be a different and most likely humbling experience for some of the NBA’s elite.  I would love to see LBJ, and Kobe go take a trip down the eastern bloc basketball league.  Of course, for a lot of the foreign born players they can return home, and play, and live better than they could have, had they not played NBA ball.

It will be interesting to see how Deron Williams handles playing ball internationally, he will be the measuring stick for the other superstars, maybe he will lead them all over the world, but I doubt it.  He might succeed, but he is different than the average superstar, and thus is better prepared to deal with the differences.

It’s the Kyrie Irving’s of the world, NBA rookies, who will really suffer; they have not made millions of dollars, and really don’t have anything to fall back on.  They also run greater risk if they attempt to go overseas they don’t have contracts.  If they get hurt playing for peanuts, they will never make the millions they have worked, and sweated, and practiced so hard to earn.  They have little say, they have little clout, yet they also have the most to lose, and the least to gain.  You start to see why so many elite college players, stayed for another year, as there is no guarantee of a NBA paycheck this year.

Its millionaires vs. billionaires and the billionaires seem content to let the season go, without a single game taking places.  They believe they will lose less money by not playing, than by playing.  Which if it is true, virtually guarantee’s they have no incentive to negotiate.  The player are going to have to make the first concession, if they want to continue being millionaires, because unlike the NFL, these billionaires really don’t have much to lose.

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Posted on: August 2, 2011 12:35 am

Randy Moss

A lifelong Vikings Fan, I have a special reverence for Randy Moss.  He was all-time talent, but he never quite reached his potential.  Amazing that he ranks in the top ten in almost every category, and a majority of people to believe him to be the second best receiver ever, next to Jerry Rice, and yet he never lived up to his potential.  He had some outstanding years with the Vikings in the beginning, and then a few bad ones with Oakland, and a few more good ones with New England, and the disaster that was last year.  He was always underperforming to his potential, and now retiring young at only 34, cutting a career short, that is destined for Canton. He retires as 5th all time in touchdowns and 8th all time in receptions.  Rice was 10 years older than Moss is now, who knows how many more receptions Moss could have had or more touchdowns.  Rice was always the hardest worker; Moss was a slacker, with immeasurable talent.  It is unfortunate that we will never know what true greatness could have been from Randy Moss.  What if he didn't have those 3 bad years?  What if he had played harder, and practiced harder in the good years, what if he would have played another 10 years?  Would he have been better than Jerry Rice, would he have had better statistics than Jerry Rice?  We will never know....except that we live in the Brett Favre era, where retired is never really retired.  Most likely this is all a stunt to generate interest and drive the price of his services up.  Will it matter whether he plays another 10 years or not?  Will he ever be concerned as good, or better than Jerry Rice?  What made Jerry Rice special was his work ethic, his determination, and his desire to be the best, if you gave Jerry Rice, Randy Moss's talent the results was would be unfathomable.  Moss will go down as the second best Wide Receiver to play up until this point, the question that will always follow us is oh what could have been?


Randy if this is the end…thanks for the memories!

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Posted on: August 1, 2011 9:19 am

Arizona, better than last year. Seattle, not so

Everybody is aware of the moves the Eagles have made, as well as the Jets, and the Patriots.  Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis will be good again, without any major moves in free agency.  There is one team that is being overlooked by pretty much everybody.  That team is the Arizona Cardinals, three seasons removed from a Super Bowl appearance, with an experienced coach; they played poorly the last couple of seasons, after they lost Kurt Warner.  Now they have Kevin Kolb, who in my opinion is a wild card, nobody really knows how he is going to perform.  He's only played a handful of games, he is a risk, but the rewards are high.  If he performs well they have a good shot at the playoffs because of the weak ass league they play in. Even if he plays terrible, they put themselves in the running for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes next April, so either way, the Cardinals are on the rebound, and playing in a league littered with teams that will be drafting in the early slots for the foreseeable future.  They have a much brighter future ahead of them, then rest of their league.


I don't have a clue what Seattle is doing, Tarvaris Jackson was never that good in Minnesota, and Sidney Rice had one good season, and they guy throwing to him was one of the all time greats.  Seems like a lot of resources invested in players that don’t have the track record to warrant them.  The Seahawks look like they will be descending in to the cellar, a year removed from a shocking upset, after barely sliding in on the backs of a terrible conference, they do not look to repeat.


Donovan McNabb to Minnesota is a move I LOVE!  I was hoping they would get him last year.  Mike Shanahan and him didn't get along, so be it. McNabb is one of the best of his generation, and still has value to add.  I see him starting this year for sure, with Ponder learning from him as the backup.  Then next year it's an all out battle in Minnesota for the starting position.  With Minnesota winning regardless, talented veteran, talented upstart...things are looking pretty good.  I would have like to see some more free agency moves after they took a beating with their own free agents, but at the end of the day, Rice was a bit over-rated, Edwards on the other hand will hurt, the defense was already the weakest point of the team, and to lose a pro bowl caliber DE hurts, A lot.  It should be a priority in free agency next year...that and CB. 

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